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[JSA/DMZ] DMZ/JSA & 3rd Tunnel Tour (Seoul)
Tour Title DMZ/JSA & 3rd Tunnel Tour (Seoul)
Course JSA, Third infiltration Tunnel, Dora observatory, Dorasan Station
Tour Time 07:30 ~ 15:30
Price M:$65 C:$92
Tour Itinerary 0730 : Departure from Camp Kim
0900 : Arrive at Camp BONIFAS.
          20 Mins Briefing by U.S. military at JSA Visitor Center
          Tour to the JSA(Freedom house, Conference room, Bridge of no return and point of Ax murder)
          ** Access to the ‘Bridge of no return and Point of Ax Murder’ has been restricted due to the current development between South and North Korea.
          (Short informative speech will be offered at the briefing session.)

1120 : DMZ Theater, The Third infiltration Tunnel,
1300 : Lunch at the Korean Restaurant during DMZ tour
1340 : Dora observatory and Dorasan Station - Free admission (Optional : Admission to platform - extra 1,000KRW in cash)
1400 : Departure to Camp Kim
1530 : Arrive at Camp Kim

Tour fee : M:USD 65, C:USD 92

You are able to pay either USD or KRW by Credit card, please let us know before making a payment​.

M:68,000 won
C:96,000 won

(The price will be possibly changed according to the exchange rate of the day that you make a payment with your credit card.)

M = U.S Active Duty Military & Military Dependent
C = Civilian

Please refer to the following notice:

On your tour day, Please check your name with your PASSPORT or Military ID card in the USO Tour office @ 07:00.

(Foreigner registration card is NOT acceptable. This is UNCMAC policy)

1. We (tour bus) leave promptly @ 7:30 am; a briefing at Ballinger Hall in Camp Bonifas – begins at 09:00.

2. We kindly recommend you that you wear comfortable shoes (preferably sneakers) for this tour.

3. Meal is not included. We will visit a Korean restaurant during the DMZ tour.

You need to bring about KRW 10,000 to eat at the restaurant or you can bring your own meal.

The USO does not have any food services, vending machine or coffee.

We are working on correcting this, but in the meantime please be sure to have a meal or snack before departure.

4. Everyone MUST follow the dress code (for details Click here). This is UNCMAC policy, not ours but we must enforce it.

*UNCMAC is the United Nations Command Military Armistice Commission.

Cancellation Policy

The reason why we have these guidelines is because organizing trips and sending visitors information to the JSA in advance. If people do not turn up without paying it can add to the overall cost of the trip and others lose their opportunity. So by depositing the money into the bank account or pay by credit card we can guarantee seats and know who is definitely coming and reduce the overall cost of the trip for you.

4 business days before the trip: Full refund
days before the trip: 50% refund
1 business day or 2 business days before the tour: 0% refund

On the tour day, if you are a no-show, miss the bus, fail to bring the appropriate ID, DO NOT comply with the Dress Code or for some other reason fail to participate in the tour do to no fault of Koridoor, you get NO refund, NO credit & NO tour.

Scheduled tours may be cancelled with no notification if they conflict with official meetings or ceremonies held in UNCMACHA, as deemed appropriate by the Secretary, Military Armistice Commission (UNCMAC). Tours may also be cancelled for administrative, logistical, or other reasons, as deemed necessary by UNCMAC. Should this occur, you will still receive the 3rd tunnel, Dora Station, and Dora Observatory portions of the tour and NO REFUNDS, PARTIAL OR OTHERWISE, WILL BE MADE due to cancellation of the UNCMACHA portion by UNCMAC.

JSA (Joint Security Area)

Panmumjeom lies 50Km north of Seoul Along the Tongilro. It is the place where the Armistice Agreement was signed on July 27, 1953. Presently, Panmunjeom is the Location where South and North dialogues take place. Visitors can feel the tragedy of the divided land and the unhealed scar of internecine war.

As of today, Panmunjom refers to the Joint Security Area (JSA), a 400m x 800m rectangular area, set up on the Military Demarcation Line within the UNCMAC compound and reserved for talks between the United Nations Command (UNC) and its Communist counterparts (North Korea and China).


The Military Demarcation Line is surrounded by the Demilitarized Zone under the provisions of the Armistice (cease-fire) Agreement signed on July, 1953. The Military Demarcation Line runs 155miles and separates the South and the North. Southern and Northern boundaries of the DMZ are located 2km apart from the MDL.

The Demilitarized Zone, which consists of the area between Southern and Northern boundaries of the DMZ, was established to serve as a buffer zone to prevent any means of provocative action and collision between the South and the North.

The civilian off-limit line was set up near the southern boundary of DMZ creating the civilian off-limit area, and its exact location varies from 5 to 20km away from Southern boundary of the DMZ. The civilian off-limit area is different from the actual DMZ where installation of military facilities, station of armed troops and positioning of weapons are prohibited under the provisions of the Armistice Agreement.
Because of its low population density and restrained development, the civilian off-limit area was able to maintain excellent level of natural environment. Along with the DMZ, the area recently is highly valued for environmental resource and undisrupted ecosystem.

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